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Helping Build Better Relationships With Dogs & Their Owners

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Make Your Relationship With Your Dog the Best It Can Be

Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences in life that brings comfort and gratitude on so many different levels. All canines look to their owners for guidance and approval, and your relationship can be extraordinary when your dog is well-mannered. Consistent K9 Training offers effective dog training programs to make ownership more enjoyable while helping you build a stronger bond with your dog. Our proven methodology is as much about giving you the tools and knowledge to work with your canine as it is teaching it how to behave appropriately in different situations.

Training Programs
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Choose the Best Training Session for You and Your Dog

Like people, dogs have unique personalities and require different levels of training. We’ll meet your and your dog’s needs with various sessions targeting specific goals.

  • The Perfect Puppy CampStart your puppy off right with the perfect foundation of training and obedience.
  • Private Lessons Have specific training goals for your canine? Our private lessons are customized to meet your needs.
  • Off-Leash Board and Train Enjoy stress-free off-leash walking with your dog in different environments.
  • Behavior Modification This in-depth program can lead to better manners if your dog displays unwanted behaviors.
  • Advanced Classes This is the next step for a well-mannered dog. These sessions cover backing up, switching sides, focus heels, and more.
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The Tools You Need for Successful Dog Training

We don’t just train dogs. We educate the dog owner to understand what it means to own a well-behaved dog. This component is critical to the success of your relationship with your canine to ensure the good behavior, positive reinforcement, and unique bond between the two of you continues long after the program ends. Without that knowledge and understanding, your dog will eventually fall back to old habits of acting instinctively and spontaneously, and the hard work you put in will be less effective. The secret is consistency, and as you will learn, the more consistent you are, the faster and better your dog will improve.

Consistent K9 Training


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