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About Consistent K9 Training

Nick DeSalvatore, founder and owner of Consistent K9 Training, has over a dozen certifications in various dog training programs from the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. His experience includes training in puppy development, basic obedience intensive programs, advanced obedience intensive programs, E-collar courses, and more. He’s also been mentored by other dog trainers to expand his learning and skills in pack structure, canine behavior, dog daycares, and sport work, and he is currently training to increase his certification for working dogs. Over the years, he has developed a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the best methods for successful canine training in Roseville / Placer County, CA for pet owners and working dogs.

man with dog

A Lifelong Passion for Dog Training

Nick’s passion and philosophy on dog training go back to his childhood experience, watching his father work with a team of hunting dogs at home. Observing how canines have the ability to follow commands and collaborate with their owner for successful teamwork was profound. The relationship between a person and their dog is unique, and understanding how they think and learn is essential to fostering a good relationship. Dogs look to humans, specifically their owners, for guidance throughout their lives. We help owners train their dogs and educate them on raising a happy and healthy pet because, without these essential tools, it creates an unbalanced relationship between the owner and the dog.

dog with stick in mouth

Learn Dog Training Methods That Will Work for You

Just like people, every dog’s personality is unique. We use a variety of training methods and develop a plan specifically for your dog based on their behavior which will be designed to meet your overall goals. We will focus on positive reinforcement when building a foundation during basic and advanced training sessions, incorporating treats and tug rewards. As training progresses and we sharpen obedience, we will begin to phase out rewards, so owners won’t have to bring food or toys everywhere they go for the rest of their dog’s life. We can design limitless training programs for dogs, and we’re confident we can create one that builds a healthy and beautiful bond between you and your dog.

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