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Advanced Dog Training Sessions Around Roseville & Placer County, CA

If your dog has completed basic obedience and displays a clear understanding and follow through of commands, Consistent K9 Training offers advanced dog training around Roseville & Placer County, CA. This class focuses on taking obedience to the next level once a solid foundation of good manners has been established. This class meets once a week to work on new tricks and expand your dog’s talents.

dog standing in pumpkin

Enhance Your Dog’s Ability With More Tricks and Skills

Dogs are eager to please and make their owners happy. Their willingness to take on new challenges and perform new tricks won’t diminish after basic obedience class is completed. Are you running out of things to do with your dog and interested in adding more tricks and skills to the repertoire?

The Advanced Class Covers Fun and Functional Moves

Focus Heel

A popular competition dog trick that teaches dogs to sit at attention with their head straight.

Spin and Twirl

Learn clockwise and counterclockwise turning.

Switch Sides

Command your dog to switch sides when heeling or leading off the leash.

Heel Through Legs

Dogs can heel on either side, but heeling between your legs is a tactical trick that allows you to feel the dog's position as you move forward.


Looking for some fun dog show tricks? We can teach your dog how to weave in and around objects.

Back Up

This doesn’t come naturally to dogs, but with the proper training, your dog will learn to back up and walk backward.

Position Changes

We'll focus on changing positions smoothly without creeping in or going wide for controlled movement.

And More

Do you want to teach your dog a specific trick? Let us know, and we’ll work it into your training.

Contact Us to Learn About Advanced Training

Have fun with your dog or build a foundation for some award-worthy tricks in advanced obedience training at Consistent K9 Training. We hold sessions in different locations throughout the Roseville & Placer County, CA areas, and four sessions of this class cost $200. Contact us to schedule training with your dog.

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