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Behavior Modification Classes for Dogs in Roseville & Placer County, CA

Dogs without proper training or unpredictable behavior triggered by outside sources can significantly improve from behavior modification classes at Consistent K9 Training. Our owner and trainer, Nick DeSalvatore, has over a dozen dog training certifications to help improve dog manners and behavior while helping you build your relationship with your canine. Does your dog exhibit aggressive, excitable, or timid behavior that causes you stress? Our programs can help.

two dogs laying on ground

What to Expect in Board and Train Behavior Modification

Our board and train behavior modification program is a three-week minimum commitment. It requires boarding your dog with us and is designed to give owners a jump start on managing unwanted behaviors. We will identify and explain triggers or the root cause of the specific behavior that is a problem. Teaching your dog the correct response when they encounter a stressful situation reduces your stress and the responsibility you feel for the dog’s actions. In addition to the program’s boarding portion, it includes four private sessions ensuring we can evaluate and understand your dog together to manage it properly. An initial evaluation is a requirement for this program.

dog playing with toy

Benefits of Private Sessions

Private sessions for behavior modification are available for owners who prefer to be involved in the process. You’ll learn as much as your canine in these sessions as we work to help you better understand your dog and how to advocate for it in various situations. In a private session, we can create a controlled environment to work through the various stressors and triggers that make your dog react unfavorably.

We Bring Joy to Dog Ownership

Owning an unpredictable, jumpy, or aggressive dog can be challenging, exhausting, and stressful. When you continually worry about where you can and can’t bring your dog or what might excite it, it reduces the rewarding experience of being an owner. Consistent K9 Training offers behavior modification classes throughout Roseville & Placer County, CA to uncover why dogs react the way they do and change their reactions for better behavior. Schedule a session for your dog today.

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