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Off-Leash Board and Training Program in Roseville & Placer County, CA

Having the freedom to walk with your dog off-leash, confident they will listen to your voice and follow commands as they roam wherever you are, is at the top of the wishlist for many dog owners. The off-leash board and train program at Consistent K9 Training in Roseville & Placer County, CA is a comprehensive multi-week program for dogs six months and older that starts with basic training and leads to off-leash behavior. Are you ready to enjoy casual walks with a well-trained dog? Contact us to learn more.

dogs standing

What to Expect With Off-Leash Boarding and Training

Dogs must be a minimum of six months old to enroll in this program. Before we confirm the session details, your dog will need to be evaluated to ensure the training will be a good match for the dog. Program details:

  • Five-week board and train cost – $5,500
  • All training tools are included
  • After the five-week program, three follow-up sessions are included
dogs at park without leash

Training Focuses for Off-Leash Program

These sessions are comprehensive, and we’ll focus on basic obedience during the first portion of your dog’s stay with us. We understand every dog is at different stages of learning, so we’ll ensure our focus is relevant to your canine’s personality and ability. During the second portion of their stay, we’ll move on to off-leash. The focus will include:

  • Crate training
  • All basic obedience commands, such as recall, sit, down, etc
  • Socializing with dogs
  • Socializing with people
  • E-Collar Off-Leash
  • Learning house rules
  • Building confidence with environmental work
  • Veterinary exam drills
  • Remaining comfortable when being groomed
  • Group walks
  • Group outings

Gain More Freedom and Control With Off-Leash Training

Dogs want to please their owners and look to us for guidance and approval. It’s incredible what these animals can understand and showcase when they’re given the proper tools and environment to learn. Consistent K9 Training is committed to meeting your goals and expectations through our various dog training classes. If off-leash walking is a priority, contact us to learn about scheduling an evaluation to see if your dog is a good candidate for the program.

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