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Private Dog Training Lessons Around Roseville & Placer County, CA

Consistent K9 Training offers private dog training lessons throughout the Roseville & Placer County, CA area for owners interested in a customized program for their canine. Your dog may have different needs than others, or perhaps it’s easily distracted or stressed in the company of other dogs. Our private lessons are held in different locations each week to work through various situations. This is a fantastic option if you want to provide your dog with one-on-one training that you can participate in with take-home assignments to work on in between sessions.

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Private Lesson Program Details

Any dog enrolled in private lessons must be at least eight weeks old. A one-hour session is held weekly, and homework will be assigned for the owner and dog to practice at home until the next session. If there are specific challenges with your canine, we will incorporate those into the program. For example, if strangers are an issue, we will meet at different stores each week to train how to manage unfamiliar faces.

Costs for the Program


Five Private Lessons


Eight Private Lessons

A Comprehensive Training Program Designed for Your Dog

Private lessons are customized to meet the goals of the owner and the needs of the dog. The program will cover all the essential obedience skills you will use every day. We will focus on good manners at home as well as favorable behavior in public places, whether you’re at a local park or visiting the vet. These lessons require commitment and participation by the owner, and the dog’s progression and success are heavily dependent on the homework done between lessons. Consistency is critical; the more consistent the owner is with their dog, the better the outcome. Contact us to learn more about private lessons.

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