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Lay the Foundation for a Well-Trained Puppy

Puppies are cute, loveable creatures that make us laugh as they trip over their paws, wag their tales uncontrollably, and seek attention from every human who interacts with them. However, as puppies grow and age, puppy-ish behavior becomes less attractive, and owners often wonder why their dog doesn’t act more mature. Consistent K9 Training offers puppy training in Roseville & Placer County, CA to set the stage for good manners. The first year of your dog’s life is a critical time to instill the obedience and understanding to raise a happy and confident dog. It takes a lot of work, but we can make it happen with our experience and positive reinforcement training methods.

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Our Puppy Program Covers the Essential Obedience Skills

Giving your puppy the opportunity to be trained by a professional who positively reinforces favorable behavior will lead to a more gratifying and healthier relationship with your dog as it ages. The program covers:

  • Basic commands, such as sit, down, come, wait, stay, leave it, crate, and bed
  • Socializing with dogs, people, and kids
  • Handling drills for grooming and vet visits
  • Environmental confidence
  • Crate games
  • Potty training
  • Any specific behaviors you might want to focus on
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What to Expect With Puppy Training

The Perfect Puppy Camp is a board and train program fully customizable to meet the specific needs of the owner and the puppy. Private lessons are included with this program, so even though the puppy will board with us, there will be owner involvement during private lessons. Options for the board and train program can run anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks. The cost for the program starts at $2,500 for two weeks, and we offer payment plans for this package.

Build a Strong Relationship With Your Puppy

Consistent K9 Training offers board and train options for puppies to help establish good behavior early on, contributing to a fulfilling relationship between canines and their owners. By starting training early, your dog will quickly learn how to follow commands which you’ll be able to build upon as it ages. Contact us to learn more about puppy training and payment options.

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