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A Consistent Approach to Dog Training in Roseville & Placer County, CA

When we train dogs at Consistent K9 Training in Roseville & Placer County, CA, we understand that every dog and their owner have unique personalities that require a tailored approach for successful outcomes. However, the one thing every approach will have in common is consistency, which is the most important part of dog training that every owner should understand. The more consistent you are, the faster and better the results will be for your canine. Dogs require guidance from their owner; without it, they will revert to old behavior, creating unrest and challenges at home. We’ll show you how to avoid that and enjoy a productive relationship with your dog.


Training the Trainer

Dog training isn’t a hands-off activity for owners, where canines are dropped off at a class and picked up when it’s over. You’ll be an active participant in the program and will receive as much training as your dog because it’s critical for owners to understand what it really takes to own a well-behaved animal. Even our board and training programs have follow-up and private sessions with owners. By training you, you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to build a relationship with your canine, how to form a strong bond, and learn consistent methods to keep it going when you’re at home.

dog trainer and dog

Be Confident With Your Dog Outside of Home

We offer flexible training schedules throughout Roseville & Placer County, CA, five days a week. Every training session will take place at a new location. Why? We want to see how your dog responds in different environments and be able to evaluate it at local parks, stores, and other locations. Understanding the canine’s personality ensures we work on the right things and gives you the confidence that your dog will be well-mannered in different places.

Contact Us With Questions About Training

We encourage you to contact Consistent K9 Training with questions about dog training in the Roseville & Placer County, CA area specific to you and your dog. Every person and animal is different, but we have the experience and training to make pet ownership a rewarding and stress-free experience. You and your dog will be in the best hands with us.

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